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Totally Yahsome* Oil & Soap
Yahweh has given me several recipes for cleansing and reviving 
our souls. Two popular products are shown below. Please e-mail 
for more information on products and custom options.
Chayah! Revive! Anointing Oil
Chayah! Revive! Anointing Oil
Imagine your oil in your favorite bottle! For only $1.50 per dram, you can have as much oil as you desire to fill your personal collection of perfume bottles. Should you desire CHAYAH! to provide the bottle for you, just email your specifications to and we will customize your order. See below for description of the oils blended into Chayah! Revive! Anointing Oil.

Chayah! Revive! is a blend of essential oils found throughout scripture. Anoint yourself daily with a drop on your tender wrists while you pray in the name of Yahshua for Yahweh to renew a right spirit within you, to restore a clean heart to you, and to magnify the mind of Yahshua in you.
Among this oil’s abundant benefits, you will be blessed by:
Hyssop … Psalm 51… plus, fightsparasites and viruses
Cedarwood … supports urinary tract, fights cystitis, counteracts eczema, selfishness and anxiety, clarifies thinking
Myrrh … an antiviral skin rejuvenator that boosts immune system, while serving your body as an antioxidant
Cypress … boosts immune system, fights cancer
Frankincense … promotes spiritual awareness, stimulates limbic/emotional system, reduces anxiety, stimulates hypothalamus, antiviral, promotes permanent healing, including damage to the brain
Spikenard … anti-fungal,relieves nervous tension
Myrtle … soothing,decongestant, balances thyroid
Cassia … promotes emotional healing, joy, and gladness; is antiviral, antifungal, and antiseptic
Pine … psychologically fortifying, stimulates adrenals, fights skin parasites
Fir … fights pain
Olive Oil … promotes gentleness, controls cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis!
Transformation! Soap 
Transformation Glycerine SoapIf you are into "deep change," you will love this soap. Made for healing, the raw honey, organic rosemary, virgin olive oil, Vitamin E, calendula, oatmeal, vegetable glycerine and pure therapeutic essential oils work together to resolve skin issues... 
...while empowering emotional healing, especially of anger and memories of underlying trauma. Simply pray for healing as you rub the soap in circles over sections of skin needing help. Do not expect sudsing, as there are no additives in this soap. It is recommended that you try not to rinse immediately. Positive results will appear within a few days of consistent use! As a facial bar, one bar will last one month. $3 per bar, plus shipping. 
To order from CHAYAH!
simply send an email to requesting 
your custom order. Include your telephone number and your mailing address along 
with any questions you have. Upon mutual agreement of the order you wish to place, you will only need to mail a postal money order or a personal check to CHAYAH! 
Once the check is cleared, your order will be processed and mailed. 
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