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Membership Levels

Please note: this page is still under construction. Our bank account is not yet set up, so we cannot yet receive your membership donation officially. But for now, allow the following to whet your whistle! 

When you support the work of CHAYAH you will receive a subscription to WHOLE: The Magazine for Your SOUL. The donations below are calculated by multiplying the cost of a daily sacrifice times 365 days. For example:
* Support the ministry of the gospel (purchase of bibles) for only $1 per day, $7 per week, or $364 per year. 
* Sacrifice your daily Starbucks, and support construction of the industrial aquaponics garden for only $5 per day, $35 per week, and $1,820 per year! 
* Give up your daily steak dinner in order to support the purchase of land on which to build the transitional community buildings for only $20 per day, $140 per week, $7,280 per year. 

Join the Jubilee
Build one 5-man Cottage!
Price: $2,548.00
Treasure Our Tribes
Help Fund Food, Clothing and Utilities in One Cottage
Price: $1,092.00
Be In That Number
Help Build The Aquaponic Garden
Price: $1,820.00
Help Minister the Gospel In the CHAYAH Community
Price: $364.00
Cover the Covenant
Promote The Garden Covenant Ministry in Prisons Genesis 1:1-2:7
Price: $2,912.00
Love Leftover
Help Us Buy Land 2 Kings 4:42-44
Price: $7,280.00
Walk The Wilderness Journey
Cover Salaries of People Administering CHAYAH's Services
Price: $4,368.00
Stir Up The Spirit
Build the Meeting Hall / Event Center / Restaurant Haggai 1:8 and 1:14
Price: $6,552.00
Thank You For Your Help! Your Donation Changes Lives!
Thank You For Your Help! Your Donation Changes Lives!
When you dedicate a daily sacrifice for one year, you support the day in, day out efforts of your brothers and sisters who desire to contribute to community. When you sacrifice anywhere from $1 per day to $20 per day, for at least a full year, you empower CHAYAH to cover the costs of revival for a generation of men returning to society after a time away fighting battles both personal and public.
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