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Just for Fun
The Wells of Salvation
He Loves Me. He loves me NOT.
Running Swiftly to Love


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Just for Fun

Moody's Mood For Love
from Tito Puente's Golden Latin Jazz All Stars "IN SESSION"
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The Wells of Salvation

What would life be without MUSIC? Today I invite you to join the angels and lift your voice, because with JOY you will draw water from the wells of salvation!

This day, say:
Give thanks to Yahweh
Call on His Name
Make known among the nations
What He has done
and proclaim that His Name is EXALTED!

Sing to Yahweh
for He has done GLORIOUS things!
Let this be known
To all the world!

Shout aloud and sing for JOY
People of Zion!
For great is the Holy One
of Israel among you!

p.s. Don't forget that YOU are the People of Zion, YOU are Israel, if you put your faith in the One Who died on the cross and was resurrected into the Heavenlies, the One Who will return to judge the world and to establish His kingdom on earth!

He Loves Me. He loves me NOT.

You know that old picture of the young girl with a daisy, plucking petals and sighing, "He loves me" for one and "He loves me not" for the next? I just figured out what that means!  

That was originally a teaching tool, preparing our little girls for making the right choice for marriage! Just think if all women everywhere knew in their heart of hearts that it was their privilege, right and DUTY to choose the one man who loved them for their husband. WOW!  Then they would behave in their daily talk and walk like nobility!


Waiting. Patiently waiting. Imagine the one person that you were made for is waiting patiently for you. Something is holding you back from going to your one and only to make love by making a life together. Circumstances create time and distance which results in simply occupying your space expectantly until you are free to go to your lover. 

This scenario is mine. My betrothed is Bryan Armstrong, who is not able to come for me quite yet. I cannot go to him, either. We have certain roles to fulfill until our duty is complete.

Running Swiftly to Love

Love is Full of Wonderful Colour by The Icicle Works  "My friend and I were talking one evening Beside some burning wood Trading tales of places we came upon When the times were good He spoke of a girl he viewed like no other Whom he had come to know I swallowed hard and listened intently Resigned, beside the glow…   Always there it’s standing proudly When all else falls down It’s all around you Didn’t it find you When you said It couldn’t be found?  


This is the tail end of the beautiful garden.... garlic and parsley in seed simultaneously. The heat hit Texas HARD, the rain stopped, and the harvest withered. Yet Yah gave just enough fresh ripe heirloom tomatoes to feed everyone at the Pentecost celebration. HalleluYah! 

Now we're working the field for a good harvest before the Feast of Tabernacles, which this year is Oct 13 - 2011... depending on when that crescent moon appears at the beginning of the 7th month! Keep your eyes up on the skies. Behold! He comes! Shining like the sun at the Trumpet's Call! Out of Zion Salvation shall come! Yahshua, who was and who is and who is to come. HalleluYah! 

Lunch Break

Between editing three calendars of events for three magazines today, I took a lunch break to check on my ailing chicken who had been "played with" by my dog, Prissy. The chicken was standing near the water trough, but looking kind of tired. I tried to investigate, and her skin looked a little green. I figured she needed more than prayer, and I picked her up to take her closer to the hose where I planned to wash her down and dry her off and then douse her with hydrogen peroxide to speed up healing.

On Eagles Wings

Freedom. Do we live in the state of true freedom? Do we want to? 
I know I want to be free to be me, the me that I was designed to be. 
Today my Heavenly Father healed me supernaturally, 
and led me into more freedom than I thought possible just 12 hours ago! 

I was praying to Him from my bed, and reading the scriptures that His Holy Spirit inspired.Matthew 10quotes Yeshua, the savior of this world, instructing me that if I do not love Yahweh more than my parents then I am not worthy of Yahweh.

Perfection Requires Patience

Patience is more than tolerating another, or gritting your teeth to get through a task you'd rather not be doing. Patience is acceptance with joy and gratitude and wonder! Surly endurance brings no glory to Yah. But Cheerful Endurance inspires longer, more effective work in the fields so that the harvest is greater. 

Today I worked in my garden under the sunshine, receiving its rays on my bare skin, happy to be in the heat and dirt. This was not my old experience of gardening. In my less-mature state as a new gardener (and new believer) ten years ago, I was totally results-driven and never could "get into" the work in the garden, but I certainly enjoyed the harvest time and the preservation of the goodies.

A Week of Firsts

This week I had a few firsts. On the first day of the week, Sunday, I hit my father for the first time ever. Hit him, kicked him, told him I hated him. How's that for a follower of Yahweh? Not cool. My next first is that I felt love for Daddy and pity for him and also love for me and pity for me. No fear, just love (which involvesreality-based thinking). My next first is that by the end of that very day, I had put the whole situation in Yah's hands and did notover-think it, and  I got a good night's sleep.
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