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I Am
by Jill Phillips
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This morning Yahweh refueled me with words from Paul explaining that I am here to communicate to the Set Apart (holy) believers and to all men and I prayed for Him to fill me with the generosity necessary to do this.

Another Beautiful Sabbath!

What a beautiful Sabbath Yah gave to men and women everywhere... but especially in my little center of the universe, the colors and breath of the Holy Spirit were vibrant and gentle at the same time!

Even the puppies relaxed and stayed within the gates!

for this Weekly Day of Rest, Rejuvenation, Meditation, 
Reconciliation with Yeshua and Separation from The World! 

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Not surprised!

The chickens-eye view ...

...of the tilled and ready-to-plant herb garden:          
Yes, Yahweh is so faithful! He started that tiller right up for me after I sought His guidance on why that tiller would not start... and then I obeyed what He told me to do and posted that Thanksgiving blog. And then the tiller worked like a dream!  Teamwork with Yahweh is a JOY!!!!!!!!

Whistling While You Work

Out in the garden today, attempting to spread and till into my old worn out garden the 7 yards of free dirt Yahweh gave me after I prayed for help finding an affordable way to amend my soil...

...feeling a bit of frustration, since the tiller that kind Mr. Richard Jinks loaned to me just would not start -- after I had successfully tilled one row and cleaned the tines. So I prayed, Yahweh help me! What shall I do to fix the tiller, if anything? Won't you please just make it start? In Yeshua's name I prayed this.

Who are you?

Have you ever felt like nothing was working out, like you were failing at your goals, losing in the game of life? Have you ever thought: I should have done better... or... I am not good enough...or... I am never gonna get what I want... Have you ever practiced negative self talk? Well, here's a positive affirmation you can start making every morning and every evening and I guarantee you will feel like a winner:

In Yeshua, I Am Accepted
John 1:12        I am Yah's child.


Yahweh amazes me! When is the last time you made a new friend? Can you remember how it felt, at the moment that you and she began to talk and realized you did not want to stop talking--and you did not have to because Yahweh gave you all the time you needed for this refreshing!?  Can you remember how it seemed ordained, somehow meant to be?

That is how my first and second and third and every meeting with LaJuan Simon has been. Her calling is encouragement, and her ministry is hosting prayer breakfasts for women.

It Is A Good Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good days like today (bright, warm, everything goes your way) have their purpose. We celebrate our beautiful world with everyone we see and joy seems to increase! 

Bad days have their purpose too. When we feel a little low, we can let the feeling prompt us to look up and ask Our Creator what He wants us to know, think, feel, speak, sing or do during this little depression. Did you know that "depression"  is part of the definition of meek? Check it out! 

I noticed something powerful in Isaiah 61 today.

Invitation to Chayah!

Howdy and Shalom from deep in the heart of Texas! Wanna fabulous revival with every shower you take? Have I got the soap for you! Be one of the first seven people to post your thoughts on the Chayah! blog, and I'll send you a lovely hand-crafted glycerine soap bar anointed with love and essential oils that will help you live to the fullest! 

Be advised everything posted could potentially be in the book about peace that Yahweh and I will publish one of these days. Hateful posts gain nothing and our words stand before Yahweh and the rest of the world.
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