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by Jill Phillips
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This morning Yahweh refueled me with words from Paul explaining that I am here to communicate to the Set Apart (holy) believers and to all men and I prayed for Him to fill me with the generosity necessary to do this. I had confessed to him a strange and unusual feeling of blah-ness, uselessness. As I read 2 Corinthians 9, I saw that “he that sows generously will also reap generously” and that Elohim loves a joyous giver and I realized that I have great faith in Yah that He put me on the track 
I’m on, but that still I felt the effects of condemnation. And condemnation, we know, comes not from Yah but from the enemy of Yah. At that I realized I should 1) forgive myself for my inaccurate perceptions and my negative thinking; 2) ask forgiveness from Yah for entertaining such destructive thoughts; 3) stand in that total forgiveness and cast the demons out of me which had infiltrated to cause me to feel separated from the joy of Yah, which is my strength; 4) ask Yah to renew and even magnify His Holy Spirit in me, which will cleanse me and restore a right spirit within me. 

Lo and behold, in moments I saw through rose-colored glasses again! And that, my friends, is my normal state and that is how I prefer to walk through life and it makes Yahweh happy for me to be happy so now we are walking in perfect agreement! HalleluYah! And here is that beautiful testament to How Great Yahweh Elohim is:

This garden is more than half-way planted, and it was only two and a half weeks ago that the 7 tons of dirt were delivered. It has been Yeshua dwelling in me, plus me, plus one shovel and one tiller, and I had estimated it would take four weeks just to get the garden ready for planting. Yet by His strength, this garden is now waiting for seeds of carrots, beets, lettuces, beans, peas, squash, etc… which I will sow between the articles that I’m writing for my work. I really am sowing generously; I really have been giving my time and energy joyfully as I worked in the two fields Yah has given me (my work and my garden) and only the enemy painted the dark side in my mind. Reality-based thinking, however, disproves that old accuser of the saints… and my trusty camera captures the reality in living color! Yah Is Good! Yah Is Love! Yah Is Faithful and He Has Placed Me On His Team to Communicate Generously To the Set Apart Believers and With All Men The Profession Of the Good News of the Mashiyach Yeshua, to Supply The Needs of the Set Apart Believers, and To Glorify Elohim and Bless Yahweh For His Unspeakable Gift!  

May You Who Read This Look Up Today, and Receive with Joy the Light of the Countenance of Our Precious Father Yah Shining on You His Truth and Love! You Are His Beloved and He Will Strengthen You! HalleluYah! 

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