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Invitation to Chayah!

Howdy and Shalom from deep in the heart of Texas! Wanna fabulous revival with every shower you take? Have I got the soap for you! Be one of the first seven people to post your thoughts on the Chayah! blog, and I'll send you a lovely hand-crafted glycerine soap bar anointed with love and essential oils that will help you live to the fullest!

Be advised everything posted could potentially be in the book about peace that Yahweh and I will publish one of these days. Hateful posts gain nothing and our words stand before Yahweh and the rest of the world. May peace and wisdom rule our every finger tap!

So in my quest for peace and wisdom I've had to learn from my own mistakes. My biggest failures have been words spoken or typed in anger--because those could never be erased and not everyone I have unleashed on has been able to recover from the trauma. I learned the hard way -- when I used electronic media in a moment of angry self-defense to pour out hatred and slander on a person very dear to me -- that when I exert zero self-control, when I kindle a fire and compass myself about with whatever leaps forth from me, I shall walk in the light of my fire, and in the sparks that I have kindled. These sparks, mentioned so nonchalantly by Yahweh Himself in Isaiah 50:11, actually can mean "bonds/chains" in the original Hebrew. I chained myself to sorrow in my days of carelessness... and even now, unless I submit to the Holy Spirit in moments of stress, I can easily yield to the temptation of the enemy -- who wants me to spit sparks, hurt others, and chain myself to sorry self-talk or stilted relationships. But I have learned that I can have the victory over the enemy -- over myself! -- just by breathing deeply and asking Yahweh, "What do YOU want me to do?" His Holy Spirit, The Prince of Peace dwelling in me, will guide me each time. Sometimes, Yeshua wants me to do things that are not particularly "politically correct" nor "traditional" but true peace, you see, is safety for all involved and pleasure for the Holy Spirit. It is up to me to see that Yeshua is pleased to dwell in me at all times!

So I'm curious about you seekers of health and wholeness -- peace, in the Hebrew way of thinking -- how do you make sure the Holy Spirit is safe inside you?

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