Chayah                       - Letting Patience Have Her Perfect Work
   Be whole!   
Chayah is a primitive Hebrew verb meaning to live, revive, be whole!
From this word comes Chay (alive, fresh, strong), the Hebrew state of mind and body that Yahweh offered to those He wanted as His people (see Deuteronomy 30:15).
The promise of wholeness is to every sex, every race, throughout time (as clarified by the famous apostle, Paul, in Galatians 3:13-29).
We may all partake in a life full of vitality when we enter into covenant with Yahweh, who says throughout the bible that choosing His ways results in abundant life! The challenge in Deuteronomy 30 --to keep Yah's commandments and statutes and judgments so that we may CHAYAH -- is upheld in James 1:4, where we are challenged to persevere in the courses Yah set for us in order to be mature, complete, not lacking anything!

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This web site is a gift to help YOU achieve true REVIVAL! Enjoy your investigations, and may Yahweh shine the light of His countenance on you as you seek His smile!

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