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Yah is love. Yah's Way is the Way to Peace. The Scriptures hold the blueprint to the perfectly operating Kingdom of Peace. Just like in any ecology system, when one thing gets polluted / perverted / changed / substituted then the whole thing is affected and operates less efficiently: 

·       this planet (see the effects of industrial pollution) or

·       a car (can you imagine if somehow some wires in the engine got crossed!) or

·       a family (one person refuses to be responsible!) or

·       an individual (I substitute wrath or anger for gentleness or humility).   

 When I saw it that way, I suddenly saw that keeping Torah, guarding Yahshua in me, yielding to the Spirit, carrying myself as a vessel of honor, displaying the fruits of the spirit, all of them, all of the time was not about "how Yah will judge me" nor "spiritual warfare" nor "whether I'll be accounted worthy of inheriting the Kingdom" nor even about "pleasing others" -- but it is all about doing my part to keep the Peace on Earth right now! It's the least I can do! It's my reasonable duty! It's a joy to do my part! This is how I love Yahweh with all my heart and soul and mind and strength! This is how I love my neighbor as myself!

Yahshua explains that He has loved us as His Father loved Him… and challenges us to continue in His love. How do we do that? He explains in John 15:10 that the way to abide in His love is to keep His commandments. Four verses down, He explains that if we do whatsoever He commands us, then we are His friends. Wow! That is a mighty strong “If…Then” statement! 

A similar message is explained by Paul in Galatians 5:6, 13 & 16, and by John (again) in 1 John 2:5, 10; 1 John 3:4, 5, 6, 10, 15, 18, 23-24; 1 John 4:21; 1 John 5:2&3, 4, 5, 11, 18, 20; 2 John 1:6, 9; 3 John 5-8, 11. Jude 20-21. John 12:50. John 5:37-47.    

 Doing Yah’s will, and not our own, is Love, and Real Love, Commandment Keeping, then, is the key to Peace. And once everyone is keeping Yah’s loving commandments, then we will finally experience World Peace. At this time, we cannot control whether others keep His commandments, but we can each control ourselves and stay within Yah’s will. If we don’t know His will, we can just open His instruction manual and start reading at the beginning and over time He will pour His will into us and our hearts will be engraved with His perfect law of liberty and love, enabling us to do our part. 

We are each accountable for world peace… Yahshua abiding in us will be the key to bringing our behavior in alignment with His will. When we tell Him we want to be His friend, and we want to keep His commandments, and confess that we need His help to do so (since His ways are not our ways) then He is faithful to give us the Help we need. That may come in the form of comfort, wisdom, discernment, or any of the fruits of the Spirit that we ask for. Just open your mouth, call out “Yahweh! Help me!” and He will send His Holy Help! 


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