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Prison Ministry

CHAYAH has been going into prisons in Texas, bringing the JOY OF SALVATION to the incarcerated, since 2014. Initially, the Federal Bureau of Prisons invited Melissa Rawlins to bring the biblical wellness message to men participating in the BOP’s Threshold Spiritual Growth reentry program. The mission is to give the men simple, how-to techniques for developing a spiritual life and relying upon Yah to make wise decisions and manage stress. Since 2015, the TDCJ has given CHAYAH opportunity to lead worship for Sabbatarians behind bars. When the worshipers dance unto Yahweh, our Savior Yahshua brings about unity and freedom. HalleluYah! As well, TDCJ has approved CHAYAH’s original curriculum, The Garden Covenant, which is being used to integrate spirituality into reentry curriculum for men in trustee camp. Finally and always, CHAYAH maintains a ministry of encouragement via letter exchanges with men who reach out for CHAYAH.  


P.O. Box 1051

Waxahachie, TX 75168

We are Partnering with UNLOCKING DOORS

(a North Central Texas

Non-Profit) to Provide mentoring services to

those people fresh out

of prison who strongly

desire to make good

decisions, serve their Creator and not themselves, stay clean, sober and alert,

live in peace, and learn how to do so! 

Unlocking Doors is one of many Prison Ministries which CHAYAH supports.
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