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Ups n Downs will happen to us all. The life of a believer is not and will not be pure bliss 100% of the time. Sorrow is a refiner accompanied by mercy in the form of The Holy Spirit of Yahweh, the Comforter, Who helps us learn from our ups and our downs. Psalm 107 says it all. 

The song below says a lot about it, too. You see, in this life we’re being trained to behaviors befitting the Bride of Messiah Yahshua. His bride will be a priestly, noble warrior. The perfection promised in James 1:4 involves purity and the ability to both turn the other cheek & take authority over powers and principalities, which are prerequisites for inheriting the Kingdom of Yahweh. A lovely and rousing reminder of the Hope of our Salvation is in this song by Matisyahu, which I am listening to on his Live at Stubbs album while celebrating the New Moon that promises the healing that will come to the world when Yahshua returns!   


You’re the son of His Majesty

Remember how it used to be

In the light of day it’s easy to see…

Now it’s night time.

You had to leave.   

Oh, you got separated from the King

Now the water’s gushing and

You keep trying to swim against the stream.

It seems like you’re not moving,

The many waters rushing

You gasp for air, almost drowning, ears ringing…   

Once upon a time we were singing!

One day those trees will stand and clap hands

Stream of thought getting caught in the clipper

This place is just a shell.


It goes, well, that one will burn you

We fell a long way down

That eternal frown will get you!

You invest, it’s the dregs,

The yanks are harpers working

Trying to make us forget

We got a job to do!   

You’re a priest

And a prince

And you can’t be moved 

A priest and a prince

You’re a warrior,

fighting for your soul! 

 Taken from the world above and

brought down to this world below

See you’re a warrior

fighting for your soul,

Taken from the world above and

brought down to this world below.   

 Reunite them

Return the princess to her King

Reuntite them,

she’s been taken for so long

Reunite them,

then she’ll be filled with joy

Reunite them

like the days of her youth!   

Descended to this pit,

What’s that feeling, can’t get rid of it!

I’m so sick, Can’t seem to shake it,

When one retires at night weeping,

JOY will come in the morning!

You made my mountain stand strong! 

 O yiddee yo

You’re a warrior

fighting for your soul!

Diggee dee   

 Like an ancient memory

Remember how it used to be

Close your eyes and breathe in

The scent of freedom

Ringing across the sea

Land of milk and honey

One day we’ll wake up from this dream

And we’ll stop sleeping

Then we’ll see clearly!   

You’re a warrior, fighting for your soul,

Taken from the heavens above

And brought down to this world below.  


·       Biblical truth in Purple

·       Mysticism in Red… stuff about reincarnation

·       But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!  

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Warrior (live at Stubbs)

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