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The Gift

If you knew THE GIFT OF YAHWEH and Who it is that says to YOU: "Give me to drink," said our savior Yahshua to the Samaritan woman at the well, "then YOU would have asked of Him and He would have given YOU living water!" As we read this account in John 4, we can put ourselves in the woman's shoes quite easily. Her savior and ours then tells her: "WHOSOEVER (that's YOU, today!) drinks of the water I shall give him shall never thirst! But the water I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life!" CHAYAH! 

You can read all about this same GIFT in Isaiah 12:2, which puts the entire plan of salvation in a nutshell! The name of our savior is revealed inside the word describing His function, and it is revealed that He is the One Who created the world and gave us the entire Old Testament as well as the Renewed. The fact that our deliverance comes by exchanging our weakness for His strength at every moment of temptation is revealed right there in Isaiah 12:2!

Behold El my salvation!

I will trust and not be afraid!

For Yah Yahweh, my strength and song,

Also is become my salvation!

You who do not consider yourself a Jew, take a close look at this verse and then please read Ephesians. Especially in Chapter 2, we understand that when we proclaim belief in Messiah Yahshua, and take advantage of His death on the cross and His blood shed for our LIFE, we are brought into the citizenship of Israel and become partakers of the Covenants of Promise. We are Israel when We put our faith in the One who creates in Himself one renewed man from the two who once were separated by the enmity of dogma and man-made traditions not commanded by Yahweh.

Those who are of this Messiah, this One Who is become our Salvation, have impaled the flesh with its passions and the desires (so says Paul in Galatians) and boast only in the stake of Yahshua, through Whom the world has been impaled to us and ourselves to the world. For in Messiah Yahshua, the one Who is become our Salvation, neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any strength... only the renewing of our very thoughts, beliefs, words and actions. To receive the renewal, we must drink the water GIVEN to us freely by the Spirit of Messiah! This water will produce the fruits of the Spirit. As we live in the Spirit we shall walk in the Spirit... of Messiah, Who is Yah Yahweh.

When He came in the flesh, the angel announced his name: Y'shua, Yehoshua, Yahshua ... we English speakers are still trying to understand. I like to call Him Yahshua in reverence of the fact that He is the Gift of Salvation from His Father, Yah.

Yahshua in the flesh was a Jewish man who did zero sin, neither transgressing His own commandments nor yielding to fleshly temptation. Instead, He was walking "In the Spirit." In the Spirit, He is acting for the one and only self-existing Master of the Universe and hence carries the name, authority and character of Yah. He tells the woman at the well: "We know what we worship. For salvation is of the Jews. (He is, of course, referring to Himself, for He was born of Jewish lineage!) But the hour comes and now is when true worshipers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth. For the Father seeks such to worship Him. Yahweh is a spirit, and they that worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth!"

Below is an image that Chance Springfield worked up at my request to help me explain the deliverance available in the NOW for us who believe in Yahshua. As Skip Moen has said (in a wonderful essay called "When?" that you can read on or Yah forgives NOW, as soon as we repent. "The action of forgiveness," Skip explained, "is possible throughout human history because atonement has already been accomplished before the world was created."

This is once and for all accomplished, however, only in Messiah's atoning death and resurrection WHEN we accept it, believe it and act on it. See Colossians and Ephesians for the mystery of the gospel and the key to receiving deliverance in Yah Yahweh's economy. One might wonder why we read the following in the OLD testament: “ . . . for I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin I will remember no more.” Jeremiah 31:34 NASB ... The answer lies in separating the two phrases of that sentence, and recognizing that the blood atones for the iniquity -- and yes, it always has -- but the power to fully repent comes only from the Holy Spirit and that comes only upon union with the Spirit of Messiah. 1 Peter 1:3-9, 4:17 pretty much spell it out that those to whom this Scripture applies will fully repent rather than making excuses for themselves... in this the whole world has our hope!

Therefore with JOY let us draw waters out of the wells of salvation, remembering the truth set before us by Yah Yahweh (who is become Yahshua) in Jeremiah 2, "For my people have done two evils: they have forsaken Me, THE FOUNTAIN OF LIVING WATERS, to hew out for themselves cisterns, cracked cisterns, which do not hold water...

...Why is Israel given to plunder? Have you not done this to yourself by forsaking Yahweh your Elohim when He led you in the way? And now why take the way to Egypt, to drink the waters of Shihor? Or way take the way to Assyria, to drink the waters of the River? Your own evil instructs you and My reverence is not in you," declares the Master Yahweh of Armies. ... O generation! See the WORD of Yahweh (that is Yahshua, Yahweh in the flesh Who is become our deliverance from our own evil instructions at the moment when we turn to Him and give Him all reverence)!

"O generation! See the Word of Yahweh!"

This Word is your GIFT! Turn to Him, learn His way of truth and kindness, drink in His words from Genesis 1 through Revelation 22, praise His Holy Name for all His lovingkindnesses! Ask Him to circumcise your heart, relax in His love to do His will and His alone, and seek His strength to turn from your own socially programmed ways. He will take each of your evil habits of behavior and place them far away from you, so that they no longer enter your mind to do them again. Now THAT is deliverance! HalleluYah! 

Remember, YOU are all ONE in Messiah Yahshua, Jew and Gentile, Male and Female... so let the peace of Elohim rule in your hearts, this Peace being the Prince of Peace, Yah Yahweh, the Word. May YOU receive THE GIFT this day, and be filled with Thanks, and let the Word of Messiah dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing with pleasure in your hearts to the Master in psalms and songs of praise and spiritual songs!


Please see, below, how the Hebrew letters themselves uphold the truth that Yahshua is the same today, yesterday and forever!

The author of this graphic is Jeremy Chance Springfield. Read more of his insights at ...

The breakdown of the Hebrew, originally inspired by Yah's Holy Spirit, was prepared for you by Jeremy Chance Springfield in Weatherford, Texas. For those who can't read the tiny print: Yod-Shin-Vav-Ayin-Heh are the Hebrew letters spelling the word for "salvation / rescue," but the name for our Messiah is Yod-Shin-Vav-Ayin, without the Heh on the end. The letter Heh makes the word feminine, which is how it always appears if it is not a personal name... but the Heh in original paleo-Hebrew, a pictographic language, also depicted a man with arms upraised, so it could be taken as "for a Salvation Man!"

The music was created for you and for Yahweh by BJ Harris, from his album "Come to Jerusalem."

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The Wells of Salvation

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