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CHAYAH Serves Israel

Melissa Rawlins, CHAYAH Executive Director, went to Israel for the fall grape and olive harvests in 2018! She received financial help to achieve her goals:

To promote peace on earth by laboring in the harvest, gathering grapes when
                  they are ripe yet the laborers are few ... 

& learn more about what is really happening at the grass roots level in Israel
                  right now

& uphold the mission of the host ministry, haYovelto strengthen and
                   undergird the often overlooked small independent farmer
                   in Israel through creative networking, education,
                   tourism, and activism.

Beautiful Israel is The Promised Land!

CHAYAH played a part in haYovel's vision.... and will happily answer your questions about the experience. Just email to schedule a presentation at your church or club meeting. Fascinating! Thank you to all who helped, including a whopping scholarship from Texans for a Safe Israel and from two members of CHAYAH who absolutely believe in sowing into the Kingdom of Heaven. And if you want to support Israeli artists, shop at Blessed Buy Israel, run by volunteers I met on my trip.

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