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Restore Unto Me, O Yahweh,

the JOY of Your Salvation...

and Grant Unto Me a Willing Spirit to Sustain Me! 

Long, inspiring document.

Praise Yah, He has heard me pray that prayer... several times, to say the least! Each time, His Holy Spirit whispers to me the very instruction for how to enjoy life. Following my Shepherd, Yahshua -- Who is The Word and, according to John the Apostle, the giver of the Ten Commandments, which makes Yahweh my Shepherd! -- actually makes me whole and complete, wanting nothing. He expects me to follow Him for my own peace! He loves me! You are welcome to read the simple bible study he gave me on this topic (download the PDF to the left of this paragraph). The willing spirit He gives me (when I am willing to be made willing) enables me to follow His instructions which, without fail, result in returning to the straight and narrow pathway (where there is peace and life) and complete and powerful restoration of JOY.

I welcome this opportunity to share with you a few of the secrets I've learned through dwelling in the secret place, under the wings of my Father Yah with His Son, my brother and messiah, Yahshua.

Open My Mouth:

Psalm 51 mentions this, but people who loved Yah throughout scripture made mention of the pleasure He gets when we open our throat and our mouth and sing songs of thanksgiving for all that our Life-Giver has done to keep us alive and give us sustenance. The power of His love becomes ours again when we praise Him.

Move My Feet:

Yahshua loves to have one-on-one time with me, and I am blessed by His attention... what better way to get that Life-Blood flowing than to dance with Yahshua under the happy eyes of our Father! It helps to sing along while you're dancing!

Massage My Feet:

You might have noticed in Psalm 51 that King David himself sometimes wearied of living a life of righteousness by faith, and he took things for himself--like Bathsheba--that Yahweh never planned on giving him. Eventually, when he realized how lame he was, he needed a good ol' overhaul. The example he set was to anoint himself with the oil of hyssop and pray for mercy. I find that a regular dose of humility works wonders for my heart and body and attitude. A year ago, I adopted a new habit: After almost every shower, I sit on the edge of my bed and massage my feet with a blend of oils Yah inspired me to put together from essential oils mentioned throughout scripture! He named it REVIVE! or CHAYAH! to remind me that I have chosen LIFE over death. With each massage I forgive my friends and family who have hurt me, and I forgive myself for my incorrect perceptions and inappropriate behaviors that hurt others. Then, I ask Him to forgive us all too, to forgive me for blaspheming his Way of Truth and Kindness, to restore unto me a steadfast spirit, to create in me a clean heart and to please continue dwelling in me. This has helped me greatly to be yielded to the gentle pressure of The Potter, to Whom I give all rights to my entire self, which He created and loved and loves and always will love! HalleluYah! I am safe in Yah's hands!  

Long, inspiring document.

I put this 60+ page document together in early 2010 to help me and others interested in letting patience have her perfect work, in being made complete and whole, wanting nothing. You may find some useful wisdom in the pages of this PDF. Feel free to distribute! 


You might have noticed in Exodus 20:8-11, in the longest of all the ten commandments, Yahweh says that since He rested on the seventh day He gave us that day for us to rest, also. I tell you what, ever since choosing to enter into that rest on a regular basis, i.e. every week rain or shine, no matter what work will be waiting for me to pick up again on the first day of the next week -- I have become a more joyful person. No sex until I marry, no drugs, no partying, no lying, no antidepressants any day of the week. And on the Sabbath, no commerce, no work, just resting in Yahweh, feasting on His word and fellowshipping with His people, sleeping if I want to, worshipping Him in faithfulness. True Shabbat! Doing this, in fulfillment of His command, has helped me develop the fear of Yahweh. And really, this is inextricably linked to finding joy. We see it in Yahshua's words in Matthew 25:21, when He tells the good and faithful servant: "Well done! You have been faithful over a little, I will appoint you over much! Enter into the joy of your master!" Even a cursory look at Psalm 34 reiterates this point: "Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame." It is the times when we look to ourselves, when we follow man's traditions instead of Yah's clearly spoken Way, that we enter into shame instead of joy. The good news is that when we yield to our flesh, our pre-programmed ways, we can respond to our shame from a broken and contrite heart (see Psalm 51 again!) and we can take advantage of the free gift of LifeBlood that Yahweh gave us when He sacrificed His Son on the stake, and we can confess our trespass/iniquity, and we can consciously turn from our ways and proclaim that we want to walk in Yah's Way, and we can ask that the punishment for our iniquity be lifted off of us so we'll be free to walk uprightly, and we can request His Holy-Spirit help to fully repent. Wow, will He ever love to hear that request! We must "look to Him" once we've made that request just to see the tears of joy on His face and on all the angels who are rejoicing over one sinner who repents! We then are radiant with relief, with freedom, with joy again for knowledge of Yah's acceptance and willingness to help us walk with Him!

Control My Thoughts:

Positive thinking. Some may think this is easy. For others, it is nearly impossible. Do you find yourself criticizing yourself or others before you notice the good things about them or yourself? This is, in fact, a damaging practice that results in the opposite of joy. For me, it results at its worst in trampling on my own friend's heart or body with violent words or actions OR in suicidal fantasies. These are the preeminent negative thoughts! Paul, the new testament commentator on Yah's Way of Truth and Kindness, even advised his prodigy, Timothy, to keep his mind from preoccupation with anything (1 Timothy 5:21). Yahshua Himself tells us in Luke 21:34 that intoxication on anxiety about the distress of the world will keep us out of the Kingdom of Heaven! Wow! So, since I always struggled with this kind of stuff (until after baptism in the Name of Yahweh for the reception of the Holy Spirit through belief in Yahshua) He helped me find two great books and one awesome video which have helped me conceptualize the way my brain thinks. 

1) Who Switched Off My Brain?

               ...Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions

2) Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

Knowledge is power, so they say. Since then, I have learned techniques for controlling my thoughts so that I stay focused on positive, pure and lovely topics for meditation. 

Eat Nutritious Food:

We are what we eat, or so they say... I have found that I need a little extra support to be able to think in a realistic way. In order to help me discern truth, try the spirits, judge righteous judgment, Yahweh has introduced me to a special purple rice that provides all the amino acids and complex sugars that my brain needs to properly process information. Now, before I entertain thoughts that justify misplacing my loyalties, I am actually able to ascertain by others' behaviors whether or not they are operating from the Holy Spirit. When they are not, I do not have to engage with them. This new ability to disengage and take appropriate action is a direct result of eating this special purple rice. Let me put it bluntly: I have had a history of marrying wounded -- and therefore abusive -- people, of learning abusive behaviors as defensive techniques, and of staying in the cycle of abuse. Now that I am eating this PXP Royale, I can see right through controllers and I also have the presence of mind to understand that I cannot change their game and that my best choice is to exit their game. HalleluYah! I still have to put into practice my exit... and sometimes I have failed, even with purple rice in my system, because sometimes family dynamics (traditions of man) insist that I do not exit. However, every time I have exited the game, I have been restored to the Joy of LIFE! The extra nutritional support that I now enjoy came to me because I fasted and prayed and asked Yah for help. He led me directly to the special purple rice. Now, it is part of my daily routine and it has helped me in many other ways. I no longer feel fatigue. My appetite for regular meals has been restored... you should see how much food I eat! And I still do not put on weight beyond what it seems I'm designed for, although I have finally topped the 100 lb. mark on the scales and my ribs have filled out. I also have creative energy beyond what I've ever known. This web site is a testimony to that! 

It Is My Hope

... that you have enjoyed the music that played while you've read about Restoring Joy. These precious songs, sung by Victory Kodesh Choir, came from, sponsored by an organization in South Carolina called Yahweh's Congregation. Their website says:

Our mission is to proclaim YAHWEH's Name and His Word, To Strengthen the saints and bring them to the unity of the Faith and Spirit, and having a personal relationship with YAHSHUA. We are a community of saints striving to live in the Faith until YAHSHUA returns again.

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Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

Victory Kodesh Choir

00:00 / 05:18

Blessed Be Yahweh

Victory Kodesh Choir

00:00 / 03:59

Put Your Trust in Him

Victory Kodesh Choir

00:00 / 05:45

Seek Ye First the Kingdom

Victory Kodesh Choir

00:00 / 04:50

A City Called Zion

Victory Kodesh Choir

00:00 / 05:19

Behold Bless Ye Yahweh

Victory Kodesh Choir

00:00 / 04:00

Let Your Ruach Fall on Me

Victory Kodesh Choir

00:00 / 04:52

You Are The One

Victory Kodesh Choir

00:00 / 05:19

Worthy is the Lamb

Victory Kodesh Choir

00:00 / 02:52

Awake O Zion

Victory Kodesh Choir

00:00 / 04:54

Thank You!

Victory Kodesh Choir

00:00 / 04:27

Shine on Me Yahweh

Victory Kodesh Choir

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