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What is PXP?

PXP is an organic, nano-sized beta glycan food product made from purple rice that does not need digestion. Its molecules are so small that they enter the blood stream without need of digestion, and then enter the cell without need of active transport... and finally enter the mitochondria, also without active transport. This results in a significant boost in cellular energy, which can be used for healing during non-sleeping hours. Additionally, the Alpha Glycans are a source of numerous important nutrients (all 22 amino acids, all the essential fatty acids and all the functional sugars!) that our bodies need to function as Yah designed.

Top Ten Reasons to Take PXP:

1) Accelerate Cellular Healing

2) Increase Energy Levels

3) Promote Toxin Elimination

4) Increase Mental Vitality

5) Improve Food Absorption

6) Improve Metabolism

7) Balance Sleep Patterns

8) Enhance Immune System

9) Enhance Hormonal Functions

10) Promote Healing via Reversal of Dis-Ease

Testimonials beyond my own (that it has aided Yah's healing of post traumatic stress disorder) include healings (or sometimes simply alleviation of pain) from diabetes, neuropathies, depression, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, cancers and skin conditions. As it heals all cells that need healing, it will even heal the cilia in the gut so that over time, with consistent use of PXP, the digestion is restored to Yah's original design.

Freedom from pain is available in Yahshua :)

Alfa PXP Royale is an Alpha AnthoCyanin superfood from specially processed strains of purple rice, grown organically in Thailand. These rice strains are chosen because of their high concentration of anthocyanins, which give it its purple color and which offer numerous benefits -- especially the most power full free-radical protection of any food substance you can get your hands on!

The purple, short-grain heirloom rice used in Alfa PXP Royale was eaten by ancient Chinese emperors who might not have known the science, but found its nutrient-rich energy enhancement to empower their every endeavor. Purple rice has more proteins than white rice, and can have up to 8.5 g of nutrients for each 100 g of rice, compared to only 5 grams in other rice strains. Its polysaccharide polypeptides, long chain proteins, are also called functional sugars or glyconutrients or beta glycans. These enter the mitochondria and the energy gain is shown to be at least 54% higher than occurs with glucose. PXP's main function is to provide greater amounts of bioavalable energy for increased and enhanced cell functioning.

The purple color, which comes from the presence of powerful phytonutrients known as anthocyanins, is the key to its powerful and unique free-radical quenching ability. Anthocyanins are potent free-radical scavengers. PXP Royale incorporates alphaglycanology technology, whereby the food particles are reduced to nano-size so small that they have free access to cross through cellular and MITOCHONDRIAL membranes and deliver their fuel molecules and antioxidant molecules where they are needed, without loss of energy due to active transport. The nano-sized anthocyanins in PXP Royale are among the most powerful antioxidants on earth. And the purple rice's ability to feed your mitochondria, enabling your body to function as Yah designed it, will provide you with energy and a sense of well-being that comes from all your glands producing all your hormones as Yah designed.

Three Exhilarating Methods to Take PXP:

1) Mix the powder in a glass of warm water and drink it

2) Take the powder directly, sublingually

3) Mix the powder with yoghurt and use it as a mask


A person needs to eat only 1-20 grams per day (1/4 to 4 teaspoons per day, depending upon size and health of body) to get the full benefit of this super food. When taking it internally, be sure your stomach has been empty for 2 hours and will be empty for another 1 hour, to enable proper absorption. I split my daily dose into two so that my energy level will not be too high during the day. I take my PXP in water upon waking, and then again when retiring for the night.

Where to Find PXP:

PXP Royale is manufactured and distributed by The Enzacta Corporation. You are free to get "in on the action" by visiting OR to email me and ask to purchase the product directly from me at retail price. 

Retail Price:

One bottle of this super food costs $80, plus shipping, so @ $85. If you have no serious issues, like cancer that has manifested, then one bottle per month is sufficient. When I began taking PXP, I earned below-poverty-level wages and got a friend to help me make the initial purchase and then I used 1/4 the recommended dosage in order to stretch my supply and even at that minimal dosage I received IMMEDIATE benefit mentally and physically. Is it any coincidence that only AFTER I followed Yah's guidance to begin taking PXP, and thereby to have energy to tackle reality, did My Heavenly Father give me the added responsibilities and therefore the added money necessary to live in this world?

When PXP is taken, you are giving the cells the extra energy they need to heal, repair and detoxify themselves. By giving the cells more energy, their ability to ward off disease and repair weakness can be greatly improved.

Anyone who needs healing or quicker recovery will benefit by supplementing with PXP. Bodies replace cells every 90-120 days. It is recommended to give PXP a fighting chance for no fewer than 120 days, in order that cellular repair at the DNA level can be achieved. Perversions are repaired through the repeated regeneration of cells made healthier and healthier by consistent use of PXP's goodness in combination with prayer for Yahweh Raffa's healing

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