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He Loves Me. He loves me NOT.

You know that old picture of the young girl with a daisy, plucking petals and sighing, "He loves me" for one and "He loves me not" for the next? I just figured out what that means! That was originally a teaching tool, preparing our little girls for making the right choice for marriage! Just think if all women everywhere knew in their heart of hearts that it was their privilege, right and DUTY to choose the one man who loved them for their husband. WOW! Then they would behave in their daily talk and walk like nobility! Full of charity yet still head held high and tits up, as a beautiful grey-headed survivor of domestic violence once advised me. We would have no divorce because we would have no abuse because we would have no women willing to put up with hate. We would have no fighting, none whatsoever, because we would have no discord. When a man loves a woman, he takes every moment and every interaction as an opportunity to fulfill his mission in life... which is to love a woman into being all that she can be. And if a man doesn't already know that, there's nothing a woman can do to change his heart. I have found a man who is loving me! I cannot tell you how refreshing this is! I am free to be me! I am free to make mistakes! I am free to be beautiful! I am free to speak my mind! I am free to be kind, gentle, respectful and loving just as I was designed to be! I am free to be creative and caring, nurturing and organized, capable and normal, curious and ignorant, powerful and weak. I am free! If you know any young girls, do your duty. Take your young friend aside and instruct her that she has choices to make in her future. Teach her what the bible really teaches: that a good woman reserves to herself the joy of uniting with the one wise, kind, peacemaking gentleman who is tested over time and anointed by Yahweh to be her KING. Because everyone who acts like a princess is destined to be a QUEEN!!!!!!

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