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It Is A Good Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good days like today (bright, warm, everything goes your way) have their purpose. We celebrate our beautiful world with everyone we see and joy seems to increase! Bad days have their purpose too. When we feel a little low, we can let the feeling prompt us to look up and ask Our Creator what He wants us to know, think, feel, speak, sing or do during this little depression. Did you know that "depression" is part of the definition of meek? Check it out! I noticed something powerful in Isaiah 61 today... it is the meek to whom all those lovely blessings of comfort and transformation are promised. And those who are transformed are the priests who will rebuild the desolate places on Yeshua's team. WOW! May I and all my loved ones be given by His grace that meekness that will set us apart. We all surely have had that "depressed" quality that is part of the definition. But the lowliness, the gentleness, the true humility that the meek must have -- that is a gift that I pray he gives us all. In Yeshua's name I ask this for my friends and family! Thank You, Father Yah!

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