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Moody's Mood For Lovefrom Tito Puente's Golden Latin Jazz All Stars "IN SESSION"You need Flash Player in order to view this.Roles of women and men in Yahweh's creation have been top of mind during recent couple of years... With His Holy Spirit helping me think through issues of life, I've looked through the lenses of experience at knowledge available in Hebrew words inspired by Holy Spirit in Genesis 1-4. I've come to the conclusion that the female is given a mouth to speak, not to be silent, and the culture of oppression has made me and other women too ashamed to pour out of our tender mercies the truth that needs to be spoken. And it's made a lot of men unwilling to hear it. I'll probably write more on this later, but for now my thoughts are on the ideal of how men and women get along one-on-one.

That's not because I'm reading Song of Solomon. It's because I've been listening to an amazing song by James Moody. On the record's liner notes, Mr. Alfredo Cruz writes: "Bop legend James Moody steps in to close the recording with a unique rendition of his classic Moody's Mood For Love as only he and Tito can do it. Tito dusts off his vibes here and goes for a fun-loving ride with his bebop buddy. Kindred spirits, both Puente and Moody share a long and ongoing association as their careers have crisscrossed and overlapped over the last 50 years. This collaboration perhaps best reflects the common bond shared by all these musicians -- and a poignant way to close this installment of the All Stars."

This song was recorded as a bonus on the end of Tito Puente's Golden Latin Jazz All Stars "In Session" and I agree with James: Is there any wonder why I'm really feeling in the mood for love? Just listen to this hilarious song that is so full of TRUTH! It's enough to put you into the mood to trust, to try, to hope... in all that Yah has created and ordained!

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