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Lunch Break

Between editing three calendars of events for three magazines today, I took a lunch break to check on my ailing chicken who had been "played with" by my dog, Prissy. The chicken was standing near the water trough, but looking kind of tired. I tried to investigate, and her skin looked a little green. I figured she needed more than prayer, and I picked her up to take her closer to the hose where I planned to wash her down and dry her off and then douse her with hydrogen peroxide to speed up healing. A little drop of blood rolled off her toenail and I realized there was a puncture would somewhere. I got her to a quiet place in the grass near the hose, and put the dogs in the house, and gathered my Schreiner's Veterinary Ointment and a towel and the peroxide, and went to her aid. Lo and behold, I discovered a lot of 1/2" white worms crawling in and out of her body. Yes, that grossed me out. But I knew that there was no saving her so I went and got the shovel, and I placed its tip behind her skull and I did the unimaginable... Praise be to Yah and the Wisdom He gives to me, I was able to be very clear with her and with myself about why I was doing this and she died quickly. I prepared the burn pile with a cardboard box for her body, poured gasoline on the pyre and lit 'er up. I committed a mercy killing on my lunch break and went about my day in great peace, all thanks to Yah's work to make me a new creature, one able to be a good steward. Have you ever had to do such a thing? Maybe you had to commit a child to a mental institution? Maybe you had to break off a "friendship" for the sake of somebody's health? Tell us about it! How have you learned to do the right thing?

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