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Perfection Requires Patience

Patience is more than tolerating another, or gritting your teeth to get through a task you'd rather not be doing. Patience is acceptance with joy and gratitude and wonder! Surly endurance brings no glory to Yah. But Cheerful Endurance inspires longer, more effective work in the fields so that the harvest is greater.

Today I worked in my garden under the sunshine, receiving its rays on my bare skin, happy to be in the heat and dirt. This was not my old experience of gardening. In my less-mature state as a new gardener (and new believer) ten years ago, I was totally results-driven and never could "get into" the work in the garden, but I certainly enjoyed the harvest time and the preservation of the goodies.

However, today I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the hour spent not only on my knees, but also bending and standing and searching with my eyes for newly sprouted wonders from Yah. While discovering up-start edibles that I hadn't remembered planting (Thank You Yahweh!) I found other wonders, from lady bugs to caterpillars to flowers that I hadn't noticed yesterday. This was a strange new joy that has only come from a combination of experience, time in the dirt and Holy Spirit knowledge. The resulting wisdom helped me accept with joy the arduousness of the task. Only by Yah's help can we endure anything that He gives to us. I pray in Yeshua's name for all who read this blog entry that He deepen your relationship with Him so that you are able to endure anything and everything with cheerful, grateful hearts and that His joy becomes your strength! Have a great week and CHAYAH!

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