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Whistling While You Work

Out in the garden today, attempting to spread and till into my old worn out garden the 7 yards of free dirt Yahweh gave me after I prayed for help finding an affordable way to amend my soil...

...feeling a bit of frustration, since the tiller that kind Mr. Richard Jinks loaned to me just would not start -- after I had successfully tilled one row and cleaned the tines. So I prayed, Yahweh help me! What shall I do to fix the tiller, if anything? Won't you please just make it start? In Yeshua's name I prayed this.

The tiller wouldn't start. So I put the tiller on hold and turned to praising His holy name for giving me dirt and expressing my faithfulness that whether I did this by shovel or tiller, the garden He asked me to plant would be planted and it would grow because He inspired it!

All of a sudden it dawned on me through my joy to give thanks first, then make supplication, and so I took some pictures of the piles of dirt so everyone can see the work already accomplished first by Yah but next by all the people He worked through: Ms. Vicki Asher, Mr. Ron Jinks, Mr. Richard Jinks, Mr. Harvey Back, Mr. Bryan Back, and my father who loves me, Mr. Ace Rawlins. Without them I wouldn't have dirt today. (And in the prior years, Mr. Tom Hanley built this garden; it was later weeded by myself and by Ms. Robyn Jacobson and tilled by Mr. Harold Collins and cleared by Mr. Ken Jarzenbach.) And all through all of this work, our lovely Creator was shining down on the dirt and providing the dew and the rain in season and keeping life in every mineral molecule... HelleluYah! and Thanks to the labors and love of all these people.

Now that I've posted this blog, I'll go out there and ask for His help, and Yahweh will start that tiller for me and I will accomplish the work He has set before me!

By faith and obedience,

He lives through me.

Who knows who will benefit from the produce harvested from this garden, but He has a plan and I know He'll prosper this work! For Yeshua tells me so!

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