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Running Swiftly to Love

Love is Full of Wonderful Colour by The Icicle Works  "My friend and I were talking one evening Beside some burning wood Trading tales of places we came upon When the times were good He spoke of a girl he viewed like no other Whom he had come to know I swallowed hard and listened intently Resigned, beside the glow…   Always there it’s standing proudly When all else falls down It’s all around you Didn’t it find you When you said It couldn’t be found?  

Not surprised!

The chickens-eye view ...

...of the tilled and ready-to-plant herb garden:          
Yes, Yahweh is so faithful! He started that tiller right up for me after I sought His guidance on why that tiller would not start... and then I obeyed what He told me to do and posted that Thanksgiving blog. And then the tiller worked like a dream!  Teamwork with Yahweh is a JOY!!!!!!!!

Whistling While You Work

Out in the garden today, attempting to spread and till into my old worn out garden the 7 yards of free dirt Yahweh gave me after I prayed for help finding an affordable way to amend my soil...

...feeling a bit of frustration, since the tiller that kind Mr. Richard Jinks loaned to me just would not start -- after I had successfully tilled one row and cleaned the tines. So I prayed, Yahweh help me! What shall I do to fix the tiller, if anything? Won't you please just make it start? In Yeshua's name I prayed this.
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